Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day

Adara and I had Mothers Day on our own this year with Len at work and it couldn't have been better! First off, I've figured out a trick that helps my brain be in the moment. In the morning I got all of the "need to's" done so that I wasn't thinking about them all day. So, fiddle lesson, run, clean the bathroom, laundry. Len and Adara also gave me some chocolate and a book. Len has this habit when he buys me books and magazines of placing them under other things so I'll find them at unexpected moments. I love it! Then Adara and I were off to the beach and the day went like this: 1) a stop at David's Teas. "Mamma let's sit in the window so that you can people watch". Ok, let's! 2) the big castle park for a play for Adara 3) heading for the beach we were struck by how nice a field look, laid our blanket out and read Harry Potter 3 out loud for an hour 4) onto the beach, looking for beach glass, build a sandcastle, talk to some ducks, more Harry Potter 5) Back to the field, it still was sunny and beautiful 6) watched part of a baseball game at the local diamond 7) Dinner at Il Fornello. Adara did all of the ordering and sat still and talked with me the whole meal. We talked about the changing nature of the Harry Potter books and how Harry's challenges get more complex with more pieces over time. We tried to solve some Harry Potter puzzles that have been bugging Adara. 8) Back to the castle park where Adara made a new friend and ran off, so I read my magazine. And then homeward bound. All in all, seven hours out in the world enjoying the sunshine. Perfect!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall to Winter and Turning Six

Adara's sixth birthday was two weeks ago and we did it up big time. Daddy was in charge this year and he found a place near to us that does circus arts. It's a massive old theatre with full fly systems where the kids learned silks and trapeze and rope skills and also spun on the huge hoops. They had a fantastic time. Here's a picture of Adara's first day of school as well. If for nothing more then comparison of how tall she's getting!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A long time coming

Ok, so this post has been a long time coming. Why? No reason, we were just busy living. We were travelling and playing, learning and tickling and sleeping and generally just being together. On the travelling front since we last wrote we've been back and forth from Goderich 4 times, Owen Sound once, Dunedin once, Ireland once, Manchester once, London England and surrounds once, Pincher Creek and area twice, and on and on. We've done some exciting things and some sad things. We arranged the self publication of Len's fathers book for young adults, which is selling nicely and you can find out about here We said goodbye to Len's dad in July when he died after a long and good life. We visited with people, we planted a garden, we did a lot, mostly. I'll try to post once in awhile, but mostly, we're just happy and busy. Hope that you are too.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

The tent

Here's the infamous tent that Greg made for Liam and Adara when we were up there in August. Kristen and I had went back to the folkfestival for night time bands and Greg came up with this awesomeness which they all slept in. This is the morning after the sleepover.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day of School

Here's Adara's first day of senior Kindergarten. We've moved her to a new class in order to try out a teacher with a little more structure, a little more seriousness. And man, is she serious! We knew that, so it's all good, but holy cow! Today she insisted on writing on Adara's backpack and outside of her shoes her name in sharpie. This was after they were already clearly marked with pretty little labels. Ayah! This lady is intense, but gets results with her kids which is why we put Adara there.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hello, we're here

No really, we are. We just had some major technical transitions to make that have made it hard to post. I still can't do pics, really. We got rid of one computer, added one, removed a lot of software, and so on. This resulted in my blackberry not syncing for a long time. And, i've recently discovered, I only really seem to take pics on the bb, I never have the camera with me. So, Adara and I have been very busy. Poor Len has been busy working and now is out west helping to take care of his family a bit. Meanwhile Adara and I went to Owen Sound for the folkfest with the family. Adara proved to be a total trooper. She managed in one weekend to fall asleep by a campfire, in a running speedboat and under a picnic table in a very noisy beer tent. That girl parties til she drops. We also went out this week camping near Lake simcoe with some neighbours and their kids. Chaotic, but good. The camping came two days after our huge neighbourhood bbq, one day after my bday and the day that Len unexpectedly headed out west. Needless to say we've been busy. So, now I have a cold and she's asleep. More another day, someday with pics!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Canada Day and the week that followed

So, we started off our nine days of vacation with a drop off at Jenn's house for a bbq, marshmallows and fireworks, plus a good bit of flag waving!
Then it was off the next day for a week of camping at Miller Lake near Tobermory. Awesome! WE'll post pics later, but suffice it to say that it was perfect. A short list of fun goes like this swimming (lots of it) Paddleboarding ( a bit for mamma) basketball (2 games to 1 on 21, I'll get you next time Stannard!) ping pong fishing (Adara with Pappa) Ticket to ride board game ( a new thing in our lives, thanks Pablo) Adara going to the store with the big boys (three times, pretty exciting) naps (many for Adara, none for me. Adara would just fall over where she stood and sleep at all times and places) Live music at a great pub feeding the ducks in Tobermory sparklers spinning on the end of drill(super fun, thanks Dave!) and lots of glow sticks! Plus much much more. It was entirely perfect.